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on right here, right now

There aren’t any good choices here- no option that I’ll be 100% thrilled and over the moon with- and so it comes down to making the choice I like best. It’s a bit like driving the Mass Pike late at night when you’re wicked hungry, if you’re unlucky enough to know what I mean. I know I have to eat something from Burger King, they’re the only thing on site that’s open at this hour, my blood sugar is crashing and the only way I’m going to make it home is to eat, damnit. Do I risk a burger, one of those dicey salads, or just load up on shakes?

Damn, that’s an upsettingly accurate metaphor.

in which I am anxiety making

The house is a clean but cluttered wreck lately; there are arts and crafts supplies literally everywhere. Studio in town be damned, I need the ability to work immediately and constantly, and it is eating up our lives and living spaces. I’m not kidding when I tell you that the Craftsy filming can’t come soon enough, although also, I could…

on art, being terrible, and the beginner’s mind

I’m waiting for 4 pm so that I can get busy with a call with one of the Craftsy folks I’m working alongside right now; we’re working on scripting this week, which is more fun than it sounds like, really, especially the second time around. I’ve been testing dye recipes this week, which is exactly as messy, fun, and occasionally…

in which I’ve been carefully cultivating my Einstein look

Finally, something, anything about my body was being allowed to do whatever it was that it did, alone and unassisted, and I felt reluctant to put an end to that. That silly thought experiment, started in late winter, had internally snowballed into something much more significant while I wasn’t paying attention.

in which I am a day too late, but really, let’s just get back to it already

Kiddo is home in Baltimore again and we have begun trying to return to our normal daily lives, too. I’ve spent the last month running up and down the East Coast, which has had me thinking a lot about travel, space, and especially this country; how we are built of regions, all of these spaces and cultures which are can…

on getting back into it, Imposter Days, strangers and the simply strange

I miss writing here. I keep meaning to- I write such long entries in my head, on scraps of paper, in my notebooks, but they never seem to make it over here lately. There are a few Reasons lately; I’ve been hibernating, mostly, fomenting, in retreat. After Rhinebeck I began to expand; things started making a lot more sense, coming…