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the 29th list of Very Good Things

This reads: cold weather! thick socks handspun yarns half- price candy corn cashmere scraps chai massage therapy rosin bags Team Wench pokeberry auctions the Rally To Restore Sanity/ Fear Also, have some Hugo- dog!

the 26th list of Very Good Things, plus a puppy

You don’t need this on Flickr, I don’t think: it’s deliciously simple. Things are stressful. Not bad, but stressful: so much going on, lots of moving pieces and things that need doing. Some of the things on my mind right now: SG Fall 2010 color release SG Fall 2010 pattern releases SG Winter 2010 colors (need 4 more colors, STAT!)…

in which I am a day late, and a pug short

     I know, I'm a day late. There were sleep issues and updates to worry about, but I didn't forget, I promise. Translation on Flickr! Can you tell I was hungry when I wrote this one? We're still looking to adopt a pug- happily, the one boy we went to meet today was returned to his owners. Not happily…