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in which there are very few surprises

Hey, friends! Remember when I told you that when my Craftsy class went live I’d tell you, and you wouldn’t be able to miss it? TODAY IS THAT DAY. You can find my class right here, y’all. HAPPY, HAPPY DAY, and thanks so much for being such an awesome cheering squad. You’re the best! (Hey, want to see a preview?…

in which we get greasy

Right, so that title is going to bring me some interesting guests, but I’m not changing it now. Before I even get started telling you how to make a high- test muscle- rub at home, I need to give you a warning: whatever you do, please remember that coconut oil doesn’t stay solid, okay? I mean, it melts in the…

on Friendsmas, and a reply

This was Friendsmas: the Fire & Ice edition, in which our 2- 4 inch storm warning turned into 6- 10 inches in a matter of 45 minutes, in which Derek ran a shuttle service (complete with interior Christmas lights) to and from dedicated parking because there wasn’t enough at the house, in which there were at least three oven fires that I was aware of, and in which Bruce told a gnome story that actually made Teresa laugh. There was the biggest turducken ever, and six (SIX!) piecakens, which- if you haven’t had a piecaken yet, fix that now, please. Sam and I helped out with food the night before, and now that I know how to make piecaken, I can’t go back to just plain pie ever again.