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in which I mostly show, don’t tell

You remember I was talking about that class, right? That class I just don’t really stop talking about? It’s still coming. Probably sooner than you’re expecting. I am so excited to share this with all of you. This time around, we worked in an actual kitchen studio which really helped- I maybe, possibly, potentially, DEFINITELY tried to fit way too much…

in which we have some explaining and intentions

It’s exciting, this step. A little intimidating, which is funny- I mean, I’ve taken on far larger responsibilities, clearly. But by accepting those keys, I’m committing to going in to a studio and making things on the regular again, and that’s a big deal- not just as a hobby, but at least on a self-sustaining basis.

in which we talk about breathing

  It’s been stressful, of course. Isn’t it always? Who doesn’t have stress? It’s a part of living. Me, I’m trying to get the studio ready for people. People, everybody. Like, John Q. Public levels of people. We’ve begun having Knit Nights, which are really just Craft Nights (I should start calling it that instead, maybe?) every Wednesday evening, which…