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on stress making (you can make it a part of your life, too)

I’d promised to post a recipe for that whipped body butter on the blog late last week, and I wanted to get that up here before I got too busy and it slipped my mind. I’ve been playing around with a version that eliminates the coconut oil, and I have a butter & oils order en route that I’m looking forward to using in a few experiments, but here’s the basic idea. There’s a lot of room for improvisation here- really, this is more “notes” than a recipe, but I’ve given you the bare bones, and you can play with substituting different elements once you’ve given it a trial run.

in which we get greasy

Right, so that title is going to bring me some interesting guests, but I’m not changing it now. Before I even get started telling you how to make a high- test muscle- rub at home, I need to give you a warning: whatever you do, please remember that coconut oil doesn’t stay solid, okay? I mean, it melts in the…