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on stress making (you can make it a part of your life, too)

I’d promised to post a recipe for that whipped body butter on the blog late last week, and I wanted to get that up here before I got too busy and it slipped my mind. I’ve been playing around with a version that eliminates the coconut oil, and I have a butter & oils order en route that I’m looking forward to using in a few experiments, but here’s the basic idea. There’s a lot of room for improvisation here- really, this is more “notes” than a recipe, but I’ve given you the bare bones, and you can play with substituting different elements once you’ve given it a trial run.

on soup and sharing

It seems like a lot of people in my general circle could use a little something that makes a body feel better: everywhere I look, I find someone who is hurting, and while I’m looking for something to do about that there’s no fix for this moment, no putting it all right in the right now.

in which we get greasy

Right, so that title is going to bring me some interesting guests, but I’m not changing it now. Before I even get started telling you how to make a high- test muscle- rub at home, I need to give you a warning: whatever you do, please remember that coconut oil doesn’t stay solid, okay? I mean, it melts in the…