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on right here, right now

There aren’t any good choices here- no option that I’ll be 100% thrilled and over the moon with- and so it comes down to making the choice I like best. It’s a bit like driving the Mass Pike late at night when you’re wicked hungry, if you’re unlucky enough to know what I mean. I know I have to eat something from Burger King, they’re the only thing on site that’s open at this hour, my blood sugar is crashing and the only way I’m going to make it home is to eat, damnit. Do I risk a burger, one of those dicey salads, or just load up on shakes?

Damn, that’s an upsettingly accurate metaphor.

in which I finally see that this has all been a bit of a disappointment

  I was doing some back- end maintenance this week when I realized that I have been seriously disappointing some folks in a pretty major way: apparently, a LOT of people are coming here wanting to know if you can take gabapentin (Neurontin) with topiramate (Topamax). This isn’t some weird, outlier search, either- many, many different people have searched those…