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in which promises are fulfilled

WHO WANTS TO DYE WITH ME? FRIENDS, the rainbow explosion has happened again. You can find my second Craftsy class, Next Steps in Yarn Dyeing, right here*, and that link actually gives you 25% off because you’re a blog reader and that is special to me. (*Mandatory legal language cut and paste: Get 25% off the full retail price of select…

in which I am anxiety making

The house is a clean but cluttered wreck lately; there are arts and crafts supplies literally everywhere. Studio in town be damned, I need the ability to work immediately and constantly, and it is eating up our lives and living spaces. I’m not kidding when I tell you that the Craftsy filming can’t come soon enough, although also, I could…

in which I’m playing hooky

I should be at work right now, but work tonight is coloring in some grown-up coloring books, so I think sneaking out to post a little color inspiration is okay. Feeling nostalgic and mellow tonight. I’d say more, but there’s just so much coloring to be done, friends. Later, though. Always later. Also, can anybody believe it’s June tomorrow?

in which we are home again, home again!

We’re back from California, and oh, friends; what a change, let me tell you. The drive gives us a bit of time to acclimate, I suppose, but going from the 70- degree, sunny days of Santa Clara to Baltimore’s approximately 25- degree snowstorm in five days? Boof. Booooooooof. Where do I register my formal objection? It was a great trip;…

in which there is possibly too much talk of keelhauling

You guys. YOU GUYS. I can’t even begin to address the enormous outpouring of love and support you’ve been sending my way over the last few days. It’s really amazing. THANK YOU. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I have so many comments and emails to respond to, and it’s a little overwhelming, but I needed to tell you how much…

the 29th list of Very Good Things

This reads: cold weather! thick socks handspun yarns half- price candy corn cashmere scraps chai massage therapy rosin bags Team Wench pokeberry auctions the Rally To Restore Sanity/ Fear Also, have some Hugo- dog!

on today, Friday the 13th

Today was Friday the 13th- aren’t they great? I love Friday the 13ths. (Is that the correct plural?) Outside of it being freakishly lovely outside, and more than a little hectic inside, no major catastrophes. I should probably knock on wood now, but I’m not going to, because I’m a risk-taker and I live life on the edge. ON THE EDGE, I tell you.