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on stress making (you can make it a part of your life, too)

I’d promised to post a recipe for that whipped body butter on the blog late last week, and I wanted to get that up here before I got too busy and it slipped my mind. I’ve been playing around with a version that eliminates the coconut oil, and I have a butter & oils order en route that I’m looking forward to using in a few experiments, but here’s the basic idea. There’s a lot of room for improvisation here- really, this is more “notes” than a recipe, but I’ve given you the bare bones, and you can play with substituting different elements once you’ve given it a trial run.

in which there is more of this palette business

I know, there was no List last Friday. Not for a lack of Very Good Things, either, but more that I was spending my day in the midst of them and got a little carried away. Friday was for family, and then the weekend became terribly exciting, and so now here we are. This week’s List will just be a…

in which I fret, a great deal, over nothing

I’m waiting for the home health nurse to come and install my IV port this afternoon. I’m nervous. Giving myself a shot every day doesn’t make me immune to IV jitters. I keep thinking I should be completely calm about this, but I’m not; I’m a bundle of anxiety, hoping I don’t vomit on the nurse as she works. She…


All these small moments of perfection.

the twentieth list of Very Good Things

Have we really done 20 of these already? It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Broken out on Flickr! You know, this blog really is meant to be more than just a place for all my Lists Of Very Good Things, honest. Things have been a little crazy lately, but I’m scheduling some serious blog time. I mean it!…