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in which we have some explaining and intentions

It’s exciting, this step. A little intimidating, which is funny- I mean, I’ve taken on far larger responsibilities, clearly. But by accepting those keys, I’m committing to going in to a studio and making things on the regular again, and that’s a big deal- not just as a hobby, but at least on a self-sustaining basis.

in which we talk about letters and access

A few things for this cold and rainy Tuesday; I’m trying to wrap up my day quickly, so that I can hop in the shower and head out to a meditation that some friends are running, so please pardon any mess. It’s been busy here, and I have a lot that I want to share, but I’m going to try and…

in which there is a reminder (February is coming)

In an effort to be prepared (always be prepared, always have a list, always know where your towel is, etc, etc), I’ve been carefully setting out all my stationary supplies and trying to dig up my fun pens & art stuff over the last few days. February is the Month Of Letters, and I want to be READY this year.

in which we have a month of letters

So I’ve been working on this post about a meditation technique I wanted to share with everyone, but that’s still in the hopper— it’ll have to hold. Instead, I wanted to tell you guys about this thing I’m doing. It’s actually all Marianne‘s idea, and it’s AWESOME, and you should DO IT WITH US. Right. I’m excited. Who can tell,…