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December, part two: the wrap-up

This is the time when I would generally be reflecting on the year past, but it just isn’t something I feel terribly inclined to do this year. I know what went down. Let’s not rehash the whole thing.

we are all alone together

Oh, 2013. You, you, you. We really had no idea. Let’s just get it out of the way: 2013, I’m glad to be nearly clear of you. I had high hopes, with a number like 2013- it seemed auspicious in that funnily backwards way, and I really thought it would work out for us. You’re a nasty, tricky piece of…

resolutions (intentions) 2011

1. Don’t die. (Good job on this one last year!) 2. Postpone dying: keep running, keep eating well, keep avoiding cigarettes, expand my home yoga practice. I’d like to go to bed consistently early, and wake up earlier, too. 3. Give myself more creative space: blog more, write more, create more. Take 365 photos, again: that’s fun. 4. Knit at…