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in which we have pills & pigeons

In February I started feeling off in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on; things weren’t quite right, I knew that, so I did an MS thing and started carrying a little notebook with me, taking notes. (This is a great trick if you’re working on getting anything tricky diagnosed, FYI: find a note-taking system you know you…

in which I’ve been carefully cultivating my Einstein look

Finally, something, anything about my body was being allowed to do whatever it was that it did, alone and unassisted, and I felt reluctant to put an end to that. That silly thought experiment, started in late winter, had internally snowballed into something much more significant while I wasn’t paying attention.

in which even I am surprised by how much I had to say

  Let’s talk about drugs, therapies, and approaches. I’m overdue! I’ve put up a new page to hold a running list of medications, supplements, etc. I’ll update it as necessary, but folks have asked, so there it is. There are a few disclaimers up there that I really want people to pay attention to and I’m going to mention them…