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in which we are building community

Don’t know how to knit yet? That’s fine! Experienced knitters (like me!) will be on hand to teach you how, and Lion Brand has donated 50 free knitting kits. Come learn the incredibly dark rhyme I use to teach knitting- it is literally the only way I know how to teach people and have this stick, but it really, really works. (Once you hear it, you’ll remember it.)


Rhinebeck: the aftermath

It’s a few days post- Rhinebeck now, and I’m finally at that point where I feel rested enough to really return to regular life again. The house was gorgeous this year and superfun, and we lucked into absolutely perfect weather; it couldn’t have been nicer, really, just stunningly good. Sunday dinner was unbelieveable- Andi makes a roast and Yorkshire pudding…


in which there is a sweater challenge

Sam and I have begun to see the barest beginnings of fall creeping around the edges- just hints, nothing definitive yet, but it’s happening, and we’re excited. Obviously, it’s happening- it’s nature, it’s inevitable- but it’s earlier than we’re used to, and we’re ridiculously pleased to have an excuse to pull out our comforter just a little too early, to…


in which there is more of this palette business

I know, there was no List last Friday. Not for a lack of Very Good Things, either, but more that I was spending my day in the midst of them and got a little carried away. Friday was for family, and then the weekend became terribly exciting, and so now here we are. This week’s List will just be a…


in which there is an attempt at commitment

Folks talk about Wednesdays being the WORST, but for me, Tuesdays offer up the greatest challenge. Mondays are terrific, full of promise and excitement and plans, and Wednesdays are my half- way point- almost home free! By Thursday I can almost smell the weekend and I’m starting to plan out time with Sam and friends, and hell, then Friday comes and…


in which there are very few surprises

Hey, friends! Remember when I told you that when my Craftsy class went live I’d tell you, and you wouldn’t be able to miss it? TODAY IS THAT DAY. You can find my class right here, y’all. HAPPY, HAPPY DAY, and thanks so much for being such an awesome cheering squad. You’re the best! (Hey, want to see a preview?…


in which there is a reminder (February is coming)

In an effort to be prepared (always be prepared, always have a list, always know where your towel is, etc, etc), I’ve been carefully setting out all my stationary supplies and trying to dig up my fun pens & art stuff over the last few days. February is the Month Of Letters, and I want to be READY this year.

in which there is anxiety and impatience and neither matter

There is so so so much going on right now, folks. Things went from, Hey, check that out, I could do about anything right now, what do I want to do? to I think I might want to do these things, to I have conflicted feelings, to WHELP, I GUESS WE ARE DOING A THING NOW, in very quick order.…

on secret stashes

I’m giving away secrets today. I’ll start out easy: Despite all this yoga business, I’ve never been able to turn a cartwheel. Just can’t seem to manage it. I thought it might be the whole “feet over head” thing- I had a thing about that for a while, lots of people do. I could do a handstand, but thought- maybe…

Aaaaagh, I'm not good at attachment either some days, but seriously, I like space more than I like stuff.

in which there are infinite possibilities

So that thing I said about posting more destash early last week: what I meant to say was middle of this week, really. I’ve had this pile set aside all week, I just couldn’t get around to snapping pictures; I’d have time, but it would only be in the evening, or I’d have afternoon time, but I’m a tool and…