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on Friendsmas, and a reply

This was Friendsmas: the Fire & Ice edition, in which our 2- 4 inch storm warning turned into 6- 10 inches in a matter of 45 minutes, in which Derek ran a shuttle service (complete with interior Christmas lights) to and from dedicated parking because there wasn’t enough at the house, in which there were at least three oven fires that I was aware of, and in which Bruce told a gnome story that actually made Teresa laugh. There was the biggest turducken ever, and six (SIX!) piecakens, which- if you haven’t had a piecaken yet, fix that now, please. Sam and I helped out with food the night before, and now that I know how to make piecaken, I can’t go back to just plain pie ever again.

in which there is a reminder (February is coming)

In an effort to be prepared (always be prepared, always have a list, always know where your towel is, etc, etc), I’ve been carefully setting out all my stationary supplies and trying to dig up my fun pens & art stuff over the last few days. February is the Month Of Letters, and I want to be READY this year.

resolutions (intentions) 2011

1. Don’t die. (Good job on this one last year!) 2. Postpone dying: keep running, keep eating well, keep avoiding cigarettes, expand my home yoga practice. I’d like to go to bed consistently early, and wake up earlier, too. 3. Give myself more creative space: blog more, write more, create more. Take 365 photos, again: that’s fun. 4. Knit at…