in which we talk about letters and access

A few things for this cold and rainy Tuesday; I’m trying to wrap up my day quickly, so that I can hop in the shower and head out to a meditation that some friends are running, so please pardon any mess. It’s been busy here, and I have a lot that I want to share, but I’m going to try and…

December, part two: the wrap-up

This is the time when I would generally be reflecting on the year past, but it just isn’t something I feel terribly inclined to do this year. I know what went down. Let’s not rehash the whole thing.

on December, part one

We joke that it seems to be a Family Thing, this need to be on the move; I am restless, like my father, like his father before him. Sam and I both left where we were from when we were very young, and we kept moving for most of our twenties; it was Baltimore that settled us down, and only barely, then.

on soup and sharing

It seems like a lot of people in my general circle could use a little something that makes a body feel better: everywhere I look, I find someone who is hurting, and while I’m looking for something to do about that there’s no fix for this moment, no putting it all right in the right now.

in which I acknowledge that turd on the carpet

I want to say so many things: all of the things, any of the things, but I don’t have it in me. It’s not here, it’s not happening, everything is stuck. I’m doing things instead: mobilizing. Gathering. Getting my shit back together.

in which we are here

I get to live here. That’s what I was thinking, listening to Cloud Cult on the drive this afternoon, looking to take today’s palette photo. The weather is just turning sharp this week, and I’m taking everything in before true winter sets to work. It doesn’t feel as though it’ll be long now.

Rhinebeck: the aftermath

It’s a few days post- Rhinebeck now, and I’m finally at that point where I feel rested enough to really return to regular life again. The house was gorgeous this year and superfun, and we lucked into absolutely perfect weather; it couldn’t have been nicer, really, just stunningly good. Sunday dinner was unbelieveable- Andi makes a roast and Yorkshire pudding…

in which we do some science stuff

So let’s talk about MS, the immune system, and drugs. I got a bunch of emails about my post regarding my visit to the neuro: some wonderful people told me about their experiences with the medications (thank you!), some caretakers told me what they’d seen, and a lot of people wanted more information. I can give info, but only so…

I’m still banging on about how it’s finally fall and that’s an amazing thing. That’s not going to change any time soon, will probably get worse, not even a little bit sorry about it. Hope you’re all enjoying your October, too. More tomorrow; tonight is for my embroidery hoops and the dogs. (I’d wanted to post some spinning photos, but…

in which we have a guest

This week is all about hand- knit legwarmers, puppy sleep- overs, homemade apple pies (made from the spoils of last week’s orchard run, an annual fall tradition), giant calzones, and desperately waiting for piles of fiber to dry despite rainy days. I’ve got a pan of spices and apple peels simmering on the stove right now while we wait for Sam…