on art, being terrible, and the beginner’s mind

I’m waiting for 4 pm so that I can get busy with a call with one of the Craftsy folks I’m working alongside right now; we’re working on scripting this week, which is more fun than it sounds like, really, especially the second time around. I’ve been testing dye recipes this week, which is exactly as messy, fun, and occasionally…

on soap and looting

The front door has been inundated with packages for the last few days- orders for the upcoming class, mostly, although some soap supplies, too. I’d sent out sample bars to some folks who bravely volunteered to test for me, and I’ve been going over their notes and making minor adaptations. Thanks so much to everyone who offered to test out…

in which there is a small announcement and a little music

The last few days have been a bit hectic; things have been falling into place in the best sort of way, comfortable and tidy, but there’s been a lot of adjusting to do and that’s all a little exhausting. I don’t expect things to let up- in fact, I expect them to get tighter, busier as the next few months progress-…

in which we have pills & pigeons

In February I started feeling off in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on; things weren’t quite right, I knew that, so I did an MS thing and started carrying a little notebook with me, taking notes. (This is a great trick if you’re working on getting anything tricky diagnosed, FYI: find a note-taking system you know you…

playing catch-up

I’ve begun a new part-time gig recently. I expected that by this time this year I’d be working at last year’s part-time position, filling in working as a pourer one day each weekend at a local vineyard. Instead, I answered an ad on an absolute whim a few weeks ago, and now I’m working very, very part-time as a tech in…

in which I’ve been carefully cultivating my Einstein look

Finally, something, anything about my body was being allowed to do whatever it was that it did, alone and unassisted, and I felt reluctant to put an end to that. That silly thought experiment, started in late winter, had internally snowballed into something much more significant while I wasn’t paying attention.

sunyata: surrender, release, and engagement

I had other plans for what I wanted to write this today- well, last week, or at all, really. That’s how things go, sometimes. In the last few months, two members of my knitting/ disabled community have died, and rather suddenly, too, at that. It’s strange, how those two communities cross over, I suppose, but that’s not what I wanted to…

on stress making (you can make it a part of your life, too)

I’d promised to post a recipe for that whipped body butter on the blog late last week, and I wanted to get that up here before I got too busy and it slipped my mind. I’ve been playing around with a version that eliminates the coconut oil, and I have a butter & oils order en route that I’m looking forward to using in a few experiments, but here’s the basic idea. There’s a lot of room for improvisation here- really, this is more “notes” than a recipe, but I’ve given you the bare bones, and you can play with substituting different elements once you’ve given it a trial run.

in which we are building community

Don’t know how to knit yet? That’s fine! Experienced knitters (like me!) will be on hand to teach you how, and Lion Brand has donated 50 free knitting kits. Come learn the incredibly dark rhyme I use to teach knitting- it is literally the only way I know how to teach people and have this stick, but it really, really works. (Once you hear it, you’ll remember it.)

in which we have some explaining and intentions

It’s exciting, this step. A little intimidating, which is funny- I mean, I’ve taken on far larger responsibilities, clearly. But by accepting those keys, I’m committing to going in to a studio and making things on the regular again, and that’s a big deal- not just as a hobby, but at least on a self-sustaining basis.