on soap and looting

The front door has been inundated with packages for the last few days- orders for the upcoming class, mostly, although some soap supplies, too. I’d sent out sample bars to some folks who bravely volunteered to test for me, and I’ve been going over their notes and making minor adaptations. Thanks so much to everyone who offered to test out soap, by the way, and everyone who sent back feedback— that was some wonderful, detailed work! I really appreciate that and it is a huge help in my process. I have all sorts of ideas for moving forward as soon as my new order of butters gets in… any day now.

Driving home from work last night at about 9 or so, I was one of possibly six cars on the road when I noticed everyone ahead of me pulling to the far right lane on the small, two-lane highway. I didn’t see anything until we came around a corner, where a Pontiac was merrily burning on the other side. Firefighters lazily walked around flames, hauling equipment; the blaze arced high over their heads and they seemed in no rush to put it out. It was such a strange, surreal scene to drive up on in the middle of the night, a Night Vale moment in my commute. Pulling past, “Trump’s gone and pulled the trigger; if there’s any looting to be done, I should pull off now and hit up the art store, really,” floated up into my conscious mind, which struck me as such an absolutely ridiculous, flawed, and me set of thoughts: hey, it’s the apocalypse, maybe, let’s watercolor about it! I found myself both horrified- who loots an art store, ever?- and tickled. All that survival training, military background to boot, and still, I just want to color until the world ends.

Script work today, as well as gathering up some plants for a spot of natural dyeing. (I’m making a secret present for a friend. I’ll show you once I’ve got it safely in the mail!) What are you working on this week? I’m terribly excited to have flowers and plants and just plain Spring happening here in New England— so many lovely things to work with again, I’m just dying to get back into natural dyeing with fresh-picked dyestuffs. (Hah! That was almost a dad-joke.) Are you working on anything this week/ month? Show me your projects/ hobbies, I love seeing what folks are making!

  One thought on “on soap and looting

  1. May 3, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    I’m working hard on Henry Cowell’s “hymn and Fuguing Tune no. 14” for organ. I have a knitting project I want to start–Kate Davies’s “Sheep Heid” hat–but I need to get through a family party first, I think. Saturday it is.

    The boxes piling up on my doorstep are Christmas presents. American girl had a 25% off sale. I have a couple of bicycles, a basketball goal, an amazing roll-top desk… I bought myself the juke bos that plays four songs and is also an iPod speaker. I haven’t tested it yet, though. If the sound isn’t up to my standards a kid will get that, too. I’m a pragmatic granny.

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