in which we are building community

What are you all planning to do this weekend? Anything good? I’ve got some plans, if you’re anywhere near Boston this week and want to hang out.


Knit 200 Together (K200Tog) brings together a group of 200 diverse knitters from all over the greater Boston area to knit and discuss their projects, yarn, and lives— and in doing so, get to know one another, too. Promoting peace, community, and mutual understanding, this is the inaugural event of what will hopefully be a potentially expanding community of crafters.

We want 200 people to fill up the library and spur some change!

Make a statement by knitting and filling the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, Mass., on Sat. Feb. 11 – create community, start and continue a dialogue, heal the world, make friends and make a difference one stitch at a time.

Don’t know how to knit yet? That’s fine! Experienced knitters (like me!) will be on hand to teach you how, and Lion Brand has donated 50 free knitting kits. Come learn the incredibly dark rhyme I use to teach knitting- it is literally the only way I know how to teach people and have this stick, but it really, really works. (Once you hear it, you’ll remember it.)

Free, this Saturday, February 11th: 1pm- 5pm, Cary Memorial Library, 1874 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA. Children are welcome- there will be activities for kids, food, and yarn-bombing, too! Come on out and join us, it’ll be a wonderful, community-building event.

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