Rhinebeck: the aftermath


Saturday at Rhinebeck, on the Hill.

It’s a few days post- Rhinebeck now, and I’m finally at that point where I feel rested enough to really return to regular life again. The house was gorgeous this year and superfun, and we lucked into absolutely perfect weather; it couldn’t have been nicer, really, just stunningly good. Sunday dinner was unbelieveable- Andi makes a roast and Yorkshire pudding to close festivities every year, but this may have been the best yet.


Things didn’t start out very promising, though.

It’s funny, because when we arrived at the fairgrounds on Saturday morning, we weren’t at all sure what the show had in store for us, which is pretty typical for Rhinebeck. There was a low, eerie fog hanging over the river as we crossed the bridge- we’d taken a house a few towns over- and that mist carried across into town, like a heavy batting on the grounds, deliciously creepy. It didn’t last, clearing quickly after opening, but it was lovely while it lasted.


You’re killing me, sheep.

We saw a great deal of the people we wanted to catch, missed a few of those we’d hoped for (always!), but that’s how it goes, and there’s always Maryland in May… and possibly, although I’m not committed yet, Homespun Yarn Party. I don’t know- I’ve been missing the city, and my people (and yeah, okay, also the food but that is such an aside I PROMISE), so we’ll see. We had a second to chat with Nancye (of Dragonfly Fibers) while she was grabbing restock out of the van on Saturday, Karida from Neighborhood Fiber Co. was one booth up from us, and then we ran into Ann Weaver (who was at the show to help Karida) in one of the barns on Sunday-  all of which just was a big reminder of how much I’ve missed my Baltimore/ D.C. people. It’s good here, and we’re happy, but there’s always that conflict; if you’re in one place, you’re missing somebody.

So, the thing that everybody always asks: what did I bring home? No heaping stash enhancement photos on my end, really. For me, these shows are definitely about meeting up with people, getting some work done (I know, I know), that giant Sunday meal (seriously, though), fair food, and petting sheep. I had a few goals while I was there, though.


Neighborhood Fiber Co. Loft in Belair (left) and Mondawmin (right)

I’d intended to pick something up from Dragonfly Fibers, too, but they were really busy on Saturday (and when I cruised by after closing, they’d already packed out- they’re consumate pros). And I’d originally been looking at Neighborhood’s Maisonette, instead of the Loft, but I just love the way Belair looks in Loft, damnit, so here we are. Loft is about the only mohair yarn I’ll use these days, so I forgive them- the silk content makes up for a lot.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, though, is what I’m really, deeply excited about: Hog Island top from Ross Farm Fibers.


Insert flaily, floppy, excited hands here.

I have three natural colors in my hands right now, and I’m trying not to rush my way through the alpaca/ silk currently on my bobbins so that I can get to this. It’s bouncy, beautifully prepped, smells just sheepy enough, and all minemineminemine.


Lovely woolly darlings.

I have some loosey- goosey plans for this: I’ve started sketching, and erasing, and sketching again. I don’t want to get too precious about the fiber, but of course it’s precious stuff, so I’ve already got to shake off a little bit of “this is limited, you’d better be careful” weirdness about it. USE YOUR MATERIALS, JERK, I keep telling myself.

That’s it, really: there was some food, of course, because FOOD, and also because there’s no better place to have lamb (and I do so love lamb). We brought home a bottle of dry Reisling from Eagle Crest (we strongly considered their Cab Franc, too, which was lovely, but there’s a vineyard nearby doing that, it seemed silly)— ooh, and cupcakes, of course, too, from Holly, Patrick, and a lovely young woman that I met in their company whose name I promptly lost (I am so, so sorry- this weekend was epic, as were those cupcakes).

It’s good to be back in our own bed- strange beds are never quite as nice as one’s own- and with the dogs. The cats didn’t seem to notice we were gone at all, really. I did a roast so that we could lazily get through most of the week without much effort (winning) and we polished off most of that Reisling watching the debate last night (nigh on medicinal). Now, I just need to buckle down and try to focus on clearing my wheel so I can get into that heritage breed fiber.

Who made it to Rhinebeck this weekend, and what did you think/ do/ pick up? I love hearing everybody’s post- show thoughts.

  One thought on “Rhinebeck: the aftermath

  1. Mechele
    October 20, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Unfortunately did not make it to NY this year but we are going to Asheville, NC for SAFF!! Sounds like fun was had by all. 🤗

    • October 21, 2016 at 12:11 pm

      You know, SAFF has been on my list FOREVER but I haven’t made it there yet. My friend Dan is moving to Asheville in January, and my friend Emily already lives there– I should make it a point to go next year. I hear such lovely things, and I’m already a huge fan of the area.

  2. Analiese
    November 8, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    I stopped by and saw Shannon but she said you stepped away in search of a phone signal-Missed you big hair girl! Love you anyway

    • November 8, 2016 at 9:15 pm

      I SO missed seeing you this year, my love!! Hugging on you is part of my annual tradition. Sam and I were both missing you. Hope you and your family are well. All our love!

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