in which we have a guest


Is this legible? Let me know if my chicken scratch can’t be read, I can fix that.

This week is all about hand- knit legwarmers, puppy sleep- overs, homemade apple pies (made from the spoils of last week’s orchard run, an annual fall tradition), giant calzones, and desperately waiting for piles of fiber to dry despite rainy days. I’ve got a pan of spices and apple peels simmering on the stove right now while we wait for Sam to come home; it’s that time of year, and the house smells so, so good, folks.

I asked a bunch of people for advice/ inspiration last week on a fiber dye; I’d come across some gorgeous alpaca silk top on a particularly grey day when I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired, so I took to Facebook and solicited ideas. This resulted in a slew of amazing photos, and I sort of fell in love with how many reds, oranges, and pinks I was seeing, so I ran with those, which resulted in this gorgeous, firey fiber right here. I’ve been spinning it this week and it’s turning out brilliantly- soft, bright, cheery. I may start making a practice of asking the Internet General for suggestions- it’s working out well and it definitely takes me in directions I wouldn’t normally go.

So many of my favorite fall things are happening all at once: it’s October, and we are rich in apples and pumpkins and blankets and sweaters. I’ve pulled out my hoodies and hats and cast on for all sorts of cozy things- too many cozy things, that’s how I do- and I just can’t stop spinning. Will I actually knit my own handspun this year? Only time will tell.

Hey, did I mention we released Knit Edge 9? We totally did, friends. I’m super into it, and not just because a couple of my friends put some pretty killer patterns in it. (I’m biased, obviously.) Check it out. And if you’ll be around, Rhinebeck is coming, and you know we are making the pilgrimage again this year. Cooperative Press will be at the fair, in Booth 37, Bldg C; I can’t promise you’ll find me there, but if you’re looking that weekend, that’s a good place to start. (If we’re connected via FB, Twitter, or IG, feel free to ping me via DM if you want to meet up!) There’s a falafel stand this year, which I don’t remember before and I’m pretty excited about, so bets are good you can find me somewhere between the falafel, the artichokes, the cheese, and wherever Dragonfly, Neighborhood Fiber Co, and Ross Farms are stationed.


This is our house guest, Dexter.

Plans for the week include FINALLY making some soap for the house, spending quality time with Dexter, our canine houseguest for the week (his people are in Mexico), converting a stubborn but lovely flat cable to work in the round (and maybe make it reversible, too), and updating Etsy— I have two commissions that desperately need to be added, one has been finished for a week and the other just needs to have the back whip- stitched on, I’m so behind, and I’ve all these new experimental bits and bobs to pop in, too. Oh, and I need to grab a phone mount so I can start taping/ FB- livecasting painting/ dyework the next time I’m out anywhere near an electronics shop, too.

Side note: to those of you who have written me about the medical post I wrote in September– about the monoclonal antibody treatment I’m considering, Ocrevus: I hear you. There’s been a lot back on that; I’ve heard from both folks who really just want more information as well as patients who have been on these or similar treatments (so, so much gratitude to the people who have reached out to tell me about their experiences with these medications), and I’m working on a post that will better explain, in layman terms, what these are and what they could potentially do. While that’s still in edits, all I’m going to say is yeah: definitely more exciting than the awkwardly- named Zamboni procedure that made a couple of headlines a few years back, and more practical (and by all appearances, safer) than current stem- cell work. Tentative whooots all around, if for nothing else than the progress.

How did everyone else celebrate the arrival of fall?


  One thought on “in which we have a guest

  1. October 4, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    I leaped into fall by bugging my friend who has a small yarn-dyeing business to do a custom dye job for me. It is coming out way different than I expected, but it will be perfect anyway. I just stopped by today and approved the sample I liked. It is rust and grey and teal with a hint of gold.

    • October 4, 2016 at 6:42 pm

      Ooooh. What sort of fiber?

  2. CJ
    October 4, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    I’m making plans to dye a sweater quantity of Bugga I got from various small sales! I’ve been wanting a rich honeyed brown and instead of waiting for someone else to make it I’m going to do it myself! Also blocking a gift for my mum!
    It’s still in the mid 80s here so I’m not cozy just yet but we had a few cool days this past weekend and I know a few more are just around the bend! 💗

  3. October 5, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    We went camping last weekend and thankfully the temperatures were mild but here was some rain. I did get a lot of knitting in but was missing that I wasn’t home dyeing yarn! You’ve created a monster shall we say?!

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