in which there’s just a little inspiration (and a spot of rest)


One of Kiddo’s guitars is in the upstairs rooms. I need to restring it when I go to pick up banjo strings this week, but I’m thinking of picking it back up this fall.

A quick bit of visual inspiration before I settle in for the evening. There are still things to do before I close up shop for the day: yarn to ply, dogs to feed, articles to tie up, all the puttering part of the day. Today has been a bit of a herky- jerky sort of day; morning in front of the laptop, afternoon spent in language therapy (which is its own story in itself), then back to the house for more work and a little time with the dogs and some stitching. I’ve been meaning to get out to a group meditation a few towns over that happens on Tuesday evenings, but it won’t be this week; I finished up the edits on KE9 today and I’m taking some much- anticipated downtime. You’d think that would be a group meditation, but in fact, it’s going to be a glass of good local red, some Fire OG, and a little vinyasa in the spare room, followed by an absolutely mindless movie with a stockinette sweater on my needles and a tiny dog by my side.

  One thought on “in which there’s just a little inspiration (and a spot of rest)

  1. August 30, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Yes! Sometimes you really just need a break.

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