in which we make small friends, small plans

chipmunk friend.jpg

I am so grateful for the “sports” function on my camera. I remember thinking, “What will I need this for?” when I first saw it, years and years ago. Now I know: I need the sports function for photographing animals and small children.

The original idea was that I’d be posting my Lists of Very Good Things on Fridays, but that doesn’t seem ideal. I’d thought they’d serve as a good way to sum up the positive in the week, but really, it’s sort of poorly placed. I’m always trying to wrap quickly at the end of my Fridays so that Sam and I can get to our traditional pizza, beer, and chill evening, so I’m not giving it the space or attention it deserves. I’m moving this to Tuesday now, so we can try and give it some more air.

We spent last weekend largely in the company of animals; Saturday we took Hugo for a walk with our friends and their dog. Dog playdates are becoming a significant part of our life and it’s both weird and fun— I feel a little like that dippy Dog Person and also find I like it a lot. Sunday, we went out for a brief hike and grilled in the park, to take in the joy of being outdoors, and I brought my camera along just to shake the dust off. I’m glad I did; the chipmunks were very friendly and I took scads of pictures as they had their funny, tiny- people- like squabbles over stray bits of potato chips.

These jaunts into the woods are good for my mental health- they seem to be balancing. Chipmunks don’t care about the Oxford comma, friends, I’m pretty sure Hugo won’t ever say “anyways,” on one of our walks, and there’s no semicolon abuse on the trail. I don’t have to correct anyone’s grammar in the woods and nobody is straight- up traumatizing me by swapping out its, it’s or making up the ever- egregious its’. There are plenty of spelling screw- ups on trail signs, but that’s okay; once I’m outside, I can make up stories about who made the sign, or why it’s like that. (It’s a pain to hoof all the way out with a new sign, besides.) Perfection seems a lot less important when I’m not in front on my computer.

This weekend will be dedicated to sorting out my planner, organizing the basement, attending my friend Dave’s group meditation this Sunday, and brunching my fool face off. Handspinning, too. Okay, hey, so this is funny; it’s August, and we’ve finally installed/ turned on the AC. August, y’all. Granted, we weren’t home for much of late June/ early July, so we missed a lot of the worst of the heat wave- such as it was- but this would never have flown through a Baltimore summer. I miss a great deal of people and things from the city, but there are some pretty wonderful things here that help even out the balance, and that’s one of them.

Anyway, that tiny bit of cooling helps make spinning a little more feasible in the summer— less sticky, less is- this- going- to- get- felty- in- my- hands, you know the deal. I just about finished that sea- glass colored combed top (Romney, I think?) from a few months back while I was doing the demo for the camp in July, but I still have the rainbow BFL top I’d dyed in June waiting on my desk and I’m eager to take that on, as well as some BFL/ silk fiber I’m looking to dye in a project for my Craftsy students.

Summing up: this is the last of the late- week Very Good Things Lists, I’m moving those to early in the week, I remember why it used to be that way now. Also, being outdoors is super- good. AC is good, too, but not needing it until August, that’s even better. I planning to spin some stuff this weekend, and I’m looking forward to showing that to you when it’s finished. Oooh, and also— I FINALLY got set up to order that silk fabric and I’m not going to try and hide it, I’m totally bouncing in my chair and waiting for it to show up like a toddler waiting on cake. Not giant scarves or veils this time; yards and yards of undyed silk. Be still my sweet, tender dyer’s heart.


It has been a good week, and not just because Sam spent it working from home.

It’s that time- pizza, Netflix, dogs, stitching. I’m working on a commission for a friend tonight, which is extra fun but also means I don’t want to put it on social media at all— I want to keep it a surprise. (Alex, yours is up next!) Tonight we’re posting up to watch the newest Coen Bros movie- I have high hopes.

Before I go, a quick question: I’ve been receiving some requests to do video blogs of different processes, mostly dyeing work and poured paints. I’m shopping for a stand that’ll hold my phone, but while that’s happening, what’s the best place for people to view that sort of material? Folks are making requests from sort of everywhere— Facebook, IG, email, Craftsy, etc— so I don’t have a central location to focus my energy. Would it be easier to use the blog/ YouTube, or is a social media outlet more accessible, like FB Live? Tell me what works best for you, and have an awesome weekend.


  One thought on “in which we make small friends, small plans

  1. August 12, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    It is nice to have a traditional night of pizza.

    I’m eager to see what your doing for your Craftsy students!

    I’m not too particular about where I’d prefer to watch your videos. That sounds exciting. I still go back to your class on Craftsy once in awhile. I’ve just put my Etsy store online at and am still working on the marketing aspect. Thanks for a great Craftsy class!

  2. CJ
    August 12, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    I find YouTube is easily linked on all of the social media and then it’s not inaccessible for those who are only in one space. And I love watching you do anything so here’s a vote for more videos of whatever! 🙂

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