we all know which side we’re on

In truth, I haven’t felt terribly inspired this week. I’ve felt sad, and nostalgic, angry, and a little frightened. Mostly sad. I have spent the week thinking about some of the places that shaped me in my twenties- the Rainbow Room (which closed so long ago they don’t even have a page, damnit), the Lighthouse, my stray nights at the Chez. Those places, they helped keep me together. They’re important in a way that some folks will just automatically understand and others can’t ever really get. When I was a really angry, lonely, and politically confused bisexual living under DADT in the military, these places were my safe space— the only place I was really me. I can’t begin to talk about this.

I’ve been making things, because my hands, they always work when the words won’t come. Yarn, fiber, hoops upon hoops upon hoops, so much paint spent this week. Sam pushes me to put them up on the Internet, just to get it all out of the house, I think, but I don’t want to let them go quite yet, they’re still my little babies. In a day or so, maybe.

In the meantime, I’m sorry for the delay, but here: a little something colorful, a little something silly, a little something to look at.


This is Jerk. He lived in our studio for a time. He liked to go on walkabouts. I have no idea what his orientation was, other than jerk. He was, however, all about fucking equality, because he wasn’t that much of a jerk. 

Be good to one another, everybody. It’s scary out there, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re all on the same side, after all: the side that hugs their kids, the side that loves their friends, the side that laughs at good jokes, the side that loves that one meme with the ridiculous pug. You know the one. It’s really funny. I love that goddamned pug.

But— for real, friends. Hug somebody, today. Tell your friends you love them. It all matters. It really, really does.

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