in which there is anticipation (and pizza)


I’m waiting for Sam to come home with our newly- traditional Friday night pizza; it’s a little obvious that food is on my mind this evening.

The crickets are out and the dogs are fed; the cats are quietly pushing at their bowls in the corner of the kitchen, trying to manifest more food now that they’ve finished the clearly inadequate dinner I just gave them. My hands smell like cedarwood oil: I’ve been dabbing it on my spindles and needles this afternoon, along the hoosier I keep working projects in, the coffee table with my working fiber, anything I can think of, really, in an effort to keep away pests. We keep our windows open every day to let in the air- it’s so clean here, and the weather has been glorious lately- but it’s so buggy, too, and I worry over my textiles. Smelling this good— all cedar today, wonderful and lavender- y on other days— it’s a small price to pay. (I’ve got lavender seedlings going to plant around the house, too, for the future, but the oil works well for now.)

I took two- TWO!- drawing classes on Craftsy this week! I promised myself that I was going to do some work on my queue (which is epic and huge), so I took 10 Essentials For Better Drawing and Sketching People In Motion. 10 Essentials was good- I picked up a few things there, it’s a good drawing 101, but I liked the Sketching People In Motion class best of all- it’s a gestural drawing class with some watercolor, too, taught by Marc Taro Holmes, who writes and draws over at Citizen Sketcher. I’m super inspired by his class and looking forward to spending the weekend messing up some sketchbooks. (There’s a killer sale on at Craftsy this weekend, BTW. A boatload of classes are at half- off, but all of them are at least marked down.)

It’s funny; when we moved here, I’d go through bouts of missing the city and it’s luxuries. Now, I still occasionally miss the energy of the city, but I look forward to our weekend rambles and realize I think of my quiet life as the luxury. It’s all good, just a different sort of happy- the sort with worse cell phone reception, less Sephoras to waste my money at (I’m just replacing them with farmers’ markets so really, not helping terribly much), and 65- degree days in June.

Things I’m looking forward to next week: possibly taking my aunt out for sandwiches, taking more art classes, organizing that upstairs bedroom for a visit from Kiddo (life is wonderful, we’re trying to make Plans), and meeting my new neurologist, who also has MS. A friend of mine, who is munch more cynical than I am, tells me that this fact- the new neuro having MS- will make this doctor either really- super- awesome at their job or an insufferable, know- it- all- prat.  I’m coming to this relationship due to a recommendation, and hoping that their MS diagnosis brings an additional element of empathy and understanding to their practice. If my friend is right, though, it’s an excuse to buy someone I care about a beer, so it still won’t be a total loss.

Sam’s back, so it’s time to break and get into new traditions; pizza, good local beer, and us, in for the evening. We’re helping friends move furniture tomorrow morning (and I’m picking up a drafting table) so it’s an early night- another set of things I’m eagerly anticipating, actually. What are you looking forward to right now?

PS: Someone had asked me about the Clover hoops. They’re a tiny bit more expensive, but I really really like them if you’re going to do a lot of work; they’re sturdy pro hoops, and I love the way they cinch down. Here’s the link for the 7 inch hoop, and here’s the link for the 4 3/4 inch hoop . Enjoy!


  One thought on “in which there is anticipation (and pizza)

  1. June 11, 2016 at 10:13 am

    I am looking forward to my “sheep” arriving in the mail today so I can dye more yarn. I’m so glad I took your class!! I have been playing with a dip-dyeing technique and still love the variegated technique.

    I have plans to meet up with knitting friends at a local coffe house.

    • June 13, 2016 at 9:19 am

      I’m putting in an order with one of my favorite mills next month, too! And there’s a stitching circle at a dye house- a dye house!!- nearby that I’m going to check out this week, I had no idea. SO EXCITED. I’d love to see your new yarns!

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