in which there is a list of Very Good Things


I’d meant to pull my Staedtler Fineliners  and get all fancy with this, but my day ran long. I like a simple, handwritten list as it stands, though.

Sam’s brought home pizza so that we don’t have to turn on the oven, so brevity is key, but here’s a quick List of Very Good Things to tie up a warm but lovely week. Plans for the evening include a little embroidery, some grown- up coloring, and poking through a trail app my friend Dave showed me that has to be one of the most New England-y things I have ever seen, y’all. It’s called All- Trails and it pretty much runs our weekends now. (They’re not paying me to tell you this or giving me anything, I just love it.) It covers at least all of the continental US, as far as I can tell, and there are maps of trails near your area, with photos, reviews, any alternate routes, difficulty levels- it’s really great. (I guess I’m adding that to the list, too!)

Okay, I’m off to eat, craft, and do hang- outs. What’s on your List this week?

  One thought on “in which there is a list of Very Good Things

  1. May 27, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    I love your list of Very Good Things! My list: Yesterday I got to spend an afternoon with a friend I rarely see, since she lives in another state. We looked up family trees and toured a chocolate factory. And today I finished a knitting project, just need to neaten the ends and block.

    • May 31, 2016 at 8:02 pm

      Oh, I love the idea of touring a chocolate factory, and finishing knitting projects is the very best thing, Tan.

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