in which there is a list

I’ve been thinking of adding back my lists of Very Good Things on Fridays– something to finish up the week, a bit of reflection. I recently came across the notebook I used to keep the lists in- a gift from my friend Katey J- and I miss the practice. It keeps getting search hits so it’s obviously something I need to get back to doing. Fridays, then?

I didn’t have a chance to do one today, although I really should have. I could have used the lift this afternoon. I’m still feeling a little off, Hugo was- well, he wasn’t being himself either, actually, that’s how I’m going to put that- he was acting like a true jerkbutt this morning, and I didn’t get to accomplish the half things I’d hoped for today. I did burst into tears over absolutely nothing before noon, though, so I’ve got that knocked off the list for at least the next six weeks. Ah, medication withdrawals, you’re aces.


Recent evening plans have looked like this.

I’m glad I know why I feel so crap, at least, that it’s getting better, and that it will keep moving in that general direction. There’s a lot to be grateful for here, and I’m trying to be really aware of all that. I steadily sew on my new little projects- watercolor embroideries, small, fantastic disasters of color and geometry- and try to keep my focus on the small things: one stitch at a time.


Also- hey, everybody! It’s Craftsy’s fifth birthday this month. Get 50% off most-loved Craftsy classes to celebrate! Save today through my affiliate link, and help me keep doing this thing that I love. This sale is running through tomorrow- it’s quick, but good.

I guess in the end, I did make a tiny list of good things- a return to the Lists, little hand-stitched watercolor disasters, approaching the end of this whole meds quit/ withdrawal mess, and a sale. I’ll just be expanding on the theme next time, y’all.



  One thought on “in which there is a list

  1. May 20, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    I’m sorry you are having the “withdraws”. That’s what I call them. I am titrating down and off one medication, cutting another one by half and dumping a third that supposedly doesn’t have a withdrawal but not having my NSAID on board sucks.. All of this so I can have surgery. *laughs hysterically*

    Like you when I have the “peak” moment when my body says “hey, where’s my usual level of the good stuff????” I feel like utter crap but I know why and although it’s sucks it’s not unknown and there’s an end point.

    My biggest beef is I don’t have a lot of creative juice while I’m doing this. I still have ideas but no actual energy to follow through. I think I miss that more than anything else. Too much pain. Too much fatigue. Again, there’s an end point, a point where I know it will come back. As long as I have that faith, I can do this.

    BTW I used to a LOT of needlework. I mean…. I have more than 50 piece hanging around. Just seeing your pics lately of that fabric has me yearning to start dyeing linen. For science.

    • May 25, 2016 at 4:25 pm


      I feel you on not having the energy. That’s worse than creative block— having the ideas, but not having the energy- or the time- to work on them is an actively oppressive feeling. Knowing it will pass is helpful, but waiting is rough. I hate the wait.

      I’m thinking of you, though, and you’ll be on my mind tonight while I’m stitching, for sure. Needlework was my very first textile art- my grandmother put a counted cross- stitch in my hands when I was maybe 5 years old- and I’ve always had such a soft spot for it.

  2. May 23, 2016 at 9:50 am

    I do so love the watercolor + embroidery idea! Would you consider selling some painted fabric to me for stitching on?

    Coming off meds is balls. Here’s hoping your system clears them out quickly and efficiently.

    • May 25, 2016 at 4:27 pm

      Awww, thanks! I’m pretty certain I can’t be the first person to do this (I haven’t looked but REALLY) but I’m enjoying it so so so much, damn. I’m happy to sell you some painted fabric, absolutely! I’m going to be putting some of the stitching up in my Etsy shop soon too, so I’ll probably consider the fabric, as well. Let me know what you’re looking for (sizes, colors, etc) and we will get something together!

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