in which there is a little visual stimulation

We are still recovering from the weekend, and I’m guessing a lot of you are too- MDSW takes no prisoners- but in the meantime, how about something to get your creative process ticking?



I was lucky enough to capture this web first thing in the morning at our house in Baltimore several springs ago. 

Enough already with the bugs, I know, I know. At least it wasn’t an actual photo of a bug- I spared you that, there are PLENTY. I get asked a fair amount why I like them, and you know, I do understand why a lot of people don’t. I really can see why they find them squicky- they can move so fast, you don’t always know where they are, there can be a distressing number of legs, some bite, and of course, there’s that alien factor, too— the way insects seem so weirdly unfamiliar, so utterly unlike us. It makes sense. There’s a wonder to the idea of a different, tiny world that exists all around us, though, and is absolutely brimming with activity—  societies full of industry, hierarchies, complex systems of communication, entire lives lived on a much briefer and frequently more brutal scale, with such diversity. I’m into it. They come in interesting colors, they mostly leave me alone, and as long as they aren’t camel spiders or leopard slugs, I think they’re pretty neat.

How was your weekend, everybody?  Anything good happen to you? I’ll fill you all in on MDSW as soon as I get photos downloaded and my wind back. Fill me in on all your stories while I recuperate and remind the dogs that yes, in fact, we did return and we never ever stopped loving them.

  One thought on “in which there is a little visual stimulation

  1. CJ
    May 10, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I did “too much” this past weekend. I still have not mastered the ability to tell when I’ve done too much BEFORE I do it. It’s mostly a moment where I go “whoops, that was the thing hat was too much”. It helped cement my plan for a new rheumatologist though so yay? 🙂
    I’m resting by enjoying your class and dreaming BIG about the yarns I’m going to dye.

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