on road trips, rejuvenation, and a review

It’s a busy month. I was up in Boston earlier this week- Cambridge, actually: my step- sister Bianca received her second master’s from Harvard this Wednesday. (Hot damn, right?) Outside of the absolute joy of Boston in the spring- a pleasure I haven’t experienced for about two years- I was thrilled to be headed up to see my dad, stepmother Lily, Bianca and her husband Pete, as well as my absolutely precious brand- new niece, Alyssa. A badly- timed jury duty summons kept me from attending the actual graduation ceremonies, which was a bummer, but with the family gathering on the same coast, neither hell nor high water could keep me. It was really good to see my dad again- we don’t get to do that nearly enough.

Me and my dad.

Me and my dad.

(Hey, in case you ever need to know this: if you’ve deferred jury duty once due to illness, obligation, or work, there’s a strong chance you will not be allowed to do so again within an 18- month period, even if you’ve gone to jury duty once within that period and not been selected. I’m not bitter, just really surprised. They never want the Buddhist vet who is pro- marijuana legalization, has had addicts & convicts in her family, and has been the subject of a violent crime. I’m still surprised there isn’t a thick black line drawn through my name, they reject me from jury panels so fast, which is disappointing as I love 12 Angry Men and I’ve always wanted to see how that process works. It’s just that in this particular case I would have really liked to see Bianca graduate. Man, why didn’t the summons come one week later? Boof.)

It was a really good road trip, though, and gave me the chance to spend some serious time with both of my families: my family of choice, and my family of kin. I had an entire afternoon with Chion eating Nepalese and hanging out at Get Baked, and an abundance of time with Teresa and Derek (we went to Mystic Aquarium, I haven’t been there since I was a girl, I can’t even, you guys). It was good and happy and all of the things I remember about late Connecticut springs, plus goats. (There are goats on Teresa’s street now. It’s a plus.) Oh, and plus puppy, too! T & D have added Dexter to their life, a tiny white mutt who looks more than a little like Falkor from The Neverending Story.

Mostly he only looks like a luck dragon when he sleeps, but he wants to sleep a lot lately.

Mostly he only looks like a luck dragon when he sleeps, but he wants to sleep a lot lately.

Today, we’re off to a coop- raising, which I expect will be a bit like a barn- raising but more adorable and will likely involve less competence and more booze. The chickens involved aren’t fully grown, the adults involved aren’t all that skilled, and it’s happening in the middle of Baltimore city, so really, it’s bound to be interesting. More news on this as it develops, but keep an eye my Instagram; you know I’ll be photographing this.

Some admin: a product review, which I’d mentioned earlier last week. A rep from Dose Of Nature contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would try their CBD oil and write a review. I thought it was spam at first, but she wrote a second time, and I thought, What the hell, I’ve always wanted to try!

The bottle hit my PO box in mid- April, but I couldn’t get over to pick it up until the beginning of May. The company asked for a two- week trial period, so this isn’t the most in- depth review possible, but it’s definitely better than “yeah, tried it once, didn’t kill me.”

Here’s the gist: some cannabidiol products have been shown to be useful in managing the symptoms of inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, epilepsy, things like that. MS is on that list, too. There are some issues with the actual products on the market, though- quality control, dosage/ intensity of product, sourcing, etc. There are also questions as to whether CBD is really efficient solo or if it works best in tandem with small portions of its partner in nature, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Eh- it’s all a new market. People are still figuring it out. You can acquire CBD products legally in all 50 states, though, so if you’re living in a prohibition state and wish you could be a patient, products like these- if/ when they’re good- can be really great.

Redstrap CBD

They sent me a bottle of their Redstrap CBD in Apricot Oil. The directions on the bottle read to take 20 drops (8ml) daily, and I’ve been doing that directly for about 20 days now. I came into this skeptical and honestly, I’m still pretty meh on this. It could have something to do with the intensity of the product, or the short period in which I’ve been using it, but the effects I noticed were mild at best. There were a couple of things I noticed, though, and that’s interesting.

You can take this straight- it tastes fine. A little lighter than olive oil, slightly grassy. (Pun totally not intended, but I’m letting it stand because I think Pam would be so proud.) The instructions said I could mix it into food, smoothies, etc, as long as I didn’t heat it, but I didn’t want to muddle things. I didn’t ever feel intoxicated- there’s no THC in this product- so no worries there.

I was hoping for a decrease in a few symptoms I’ve had with the recent heat, but I haven’t had much traction with that. Maybe it helped with the neuropathy in my hands and feet, which- hey, I appreciate that. I might have slept a little better too, but again, I can’t really tell. So: a solid meh all around with this. I’m going to stick with it until the bottle is done; it’s not quite at the halfway point yet, and I’d like to see if it gets any better, or if it’s doing anything at all, really. (Let’s be realistic— it’s also VERY possible I’m just having a good lead- in to summer. Most possible. The possible-est.)

As it stands? At $79.95 a bottle and a consumption rate that looks to be maybe a bottle every 6-8 weeks, this isn’t for me unless I see some huge change in results over the next few weeks. It might not have been a complete wash, so if you have some extra dosh there are worse things to blow it on because again- legal in all 50 states- but I just didn’t experience enough of a punch to justify paying that or to recommend anybody else pay that for it, especially when I look at the expenses that most chronic pain/ major illness patients already carry. If you’re looking to buy supplements for MS— fish oil, vitamin D, and B- complex make more sense to me, have tons of studies to back them up, and cost a ton less.

I feel a little like a traitor telling folks that I don’t recommend a MMJ product, but in truth I just don’t really recommend this particular one: still a medical supporter, it’s just that this preparation didn’t work for my particular body.

All right, it’s time for me to feed cats and get back to pushing other people’s words around. You guys know we’re putting out another Knit Edge soonish, right? We are. I know, I know: we just did that. AND YET. More about that, and oh yeah, my epic- and epically intimidating- destash, in the next post. Be well, have adventures, tell me all about them?

  One thought on “on road trips, rejuvenation, and a review

  1. Pamela
    May 31, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    :snort: Grassy. Well done. 😀

    • June 2, 2015 at 6:58 pm

      I thought of you the moment I saw what I’d typed.

  2. June 9, 2015 at 5:09 am

    This isn’t for me unless I see some huge change in results over the next few weeks

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