in which we are home again, home again!

lonely highway


We’re back from California, and oh, friends; what a change, let me tell you. The drive gives us a bit of time to acclimate, I suppose, but going from the 70- degree, sunny days of Santa Clara to Baltimore’s approximately 25- degree snowstorm in five days? Boof. Booooooooof. Where do I register my formal objection?

It was a great trip; I shouldn’t complain about anything, I’m a ridiculously lucky girl. The van was a trooper, we had fantastic weather throughout, there were minimal traffic interruptions, it’s all good. (Never try to cross St. Louis during rush hour, folks, seriously, it is not okay, but that was my mistake.) Sam and I are still in recovery mode, but we’re catching up and we’ll be ourselves in a day or so. The show itself was fantastic- we worked a shared Team Awesome space with Kate & Nancye of Dragonfly Fibers and Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co, and we saw all of our West Coast friends, which is always a treat. And just… California, you guys. It really is great. It’s beautiful and the food is wonderful and even in February, even during a drought, the weather is perfect. I can’t believe I lived there and then left.

Outside Gilroy, CA

Outside Gilroy, CA

Okay, okay. So- more importantly, though, I got to see my Dad and my stepmother, Lily. They live in southern California, which means seeing them, ever, is a major challenge. They drove up for the weekend, and Sam and I spent our evenings with them, which made this show a mixture of work and family reunion. I was super- excited I was about this show, folks. I mean, I always enjoy gigs— they’re a lot of fun, exhausting as the work is— but seeing Dad and Lily made this one special. It was pretty great to have some time with them, in the middle of all that chaos- to step away and just be with family. I don’t get time with them nearly enough— those 3,000 miles are a pain in the ass, no lie, but at least we have this show, which gives us one good trip west a year.

Ghost Rock, Utah

Ghost Rock, Utah

On the way back, we drove through Colorado, and I think that’s an entry unto itself, actually, but obviously— yes, we stopped off in Denver, and yes, it really is amazing. I have thoughts- lots of them- but let’s put those into a stand- alone post. It’s funny, though; I always post photos of how gorgeous Utah is, whenever we drive through, and as we drove through parts of Colorado I felt so compelled to do the same— holy cats, there are some unbelievable swaths of nature out there, cliffs and mountains and chasms and canyons, and the colors, it’s astounding. I felt very restrained the entire time we were driving through Colorado, as though any shout- out to the beauty of Colorado would be misinterpreted as a pothead’s 420 anthem, which gives me a moment of sad pause. Obviously I’m still carrying around some residual prejudices about medical marijuana, a useless nugget of suburban shame taking up valuable space in my head. How interesting, to find this stuck in my head after speaking out publicly, after writing and talking and working on this issue: I’m still afraid people will think I’m a stupid stoner. I thought I was over that; I am definitely not over that. Good to know— I need to work on it. How adorable to stumble across that in Colorado. I like that.

I’m happy to be back, bundled up in my little house, even if I am missing my first day of work to a snowstorm. (Seriously, Baltimore?) Sam and I are shotgunning the shows we’ve missed (Broad City, you are the Very Best Thing) and trying to figure out meals from our meager pantry— you don’t leave much food in the house when you go away for two weeks, so this whole storm business, it’s a bit poorly timed for us. I predict a diet consisting mostly of waffles and PopTarts over the next day or so, supplemented by Trader Joe’s veggie Birds Nests. What even ARE those things, other than addictively delicious? Who even cares, really. We’re surrounded by all of our animals, we’ve called/ texted/ emailed all our people to let them know we’re home safe, and it’s at least two weeks until we’re on the road again; contentment is the name of the game today. I hope that wherever you are, you’re warm, safe, and content, too.



PS: When I got back in town, I found a TON of letters in my PO Box! I had no idea there would be so many people excited about the pen pal/ lettermo idea. I’m writing back to a couple every day, so if you wrote me and you’re waiting to hear back, I’m on it! And if you’re interested in being pen pals, I’m still writing to folks, so don’t be a stranger- go ahead and drop me a line! I’ve taken to writing letters at least once a day; I’m working it in as a daily practice, and I’m interested to see how long I can keep doing this. It’s a lovely thing, this tiny spot of time just to write to someone- so if you want to be a part of that with me, please, feel free. 🙂

  One thought on “in which we are home again, home again!

  1. March 3, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    It was lovely to see you! I’m glad the trip was so rewarding and I hope that I’ll be in your neck of the woods some time in the not-too-distant future.

    • March 3, 2014 at 11:37 pm

      It was great seeing you! I just wish I had time to see you off the convention floor- I always want to pick your brain on about a million things, and the floor is never the place- and there’s never time. Some day I’ll whisk you off for lunch!

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