in which I am just outside of Chicago

We are here, settled into the hotel, and I am VERY EXCITED. We showed up at vendor check- in yesterday afternoon, having gotten in a little earlier than anticipated, and realized we could set up on Wednesday. We decided to unload the van and set up racks early, which was SO VERY NICE. Knowing we don’t have to do all that before the Student Preview today? BLISS, my lovelies, that’s just BLISS. Today, all we need to do is set up yarn and fix the display. I mean, that’s a lot of work, but this is how a girl conserves her energy. It’s a great start!

Oh, and we are in the best location! BOOTH 214, across the path from Dragonfly Fibers, right next to Cooperative Press, just a few booths down from Carolina Homespun, a little bit down the way from The Fold— it’s basically Hug Central up in here. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, you guys.

I lived in Chicago years and years ago- back when my daughter was still in a stroller, which is such a funny thought now that she’s 5’9″. I’ve only ever passed through the Chicagoland area since then, which has made me sad— I have a deep love for the mid- west, and I’ve always said that if I were to come back to living in the mid- west, Chicago would be where I would go, because I seem to need a large body of water. Being back here is good in this really fundamental manner, and fills me up in this joyful, glowing way. I woke up in our hotel room just plain happy— not my standard oh hooray, it’s show day sort of happy, but instead a richer, deeper sort of joy: it feels good and right to be here, right before our daughter heads off to college. It feels like coming full circle.

So hello, Schaumburg. We’re so happy to be here. Let’s do this thing.

(Cross- posted in our company blog, but shared here for personal feels. My feelings on Chicago, they are complex, and will probably be unpacked more later, but HAPPY HAPPY, everyone. HAPPY HAPPY.)

  One thought on “in which I am just outside of Chicago

  1. August 8, 2013 at 10:43 am

    How did I not know you, too, loved living in my hometown? Sounds like you were there after we left to move here – we should compare notes sometime. Have a great time at Stitches!

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