A list of things I’m currently in love with!


Handpainted stockings, because handmade things are awesome, and stockings are awesome, even though I’m not sure this is quite the weather for it.

Photo by meghannash.

Friendship bracelets: I am suddenly really, really excited about making friendship bracelets again. I think it has something to do with the heat wave; I’m transported back to summer camp, and my best friend Kitten in 7th grade, and the bracelets we made for each other. (I KNOW, middle school nicknames were ridiculous, RIGHT?)

I’m so crap at making these now! I can’t seem to keep them from curling- how did I do that, back in the day? They’re fun, though, and I love them.

Jamie and Hazel!

Girls With Slingshots! This webcomic is updated every weekday, and makes me ridiculously happy. It moves between being absolutely, fall- down silly (a talking, alcoholic cactus? ghost cats?) and dealing with everyday issues, and I love it and its creator, Danielle Corsetto, who you can also follow on Instagram and on Twitter.

Wattsolak Designs released Kraken Knuckles last week, and seriously, this is my favorite pattern of the month, and it’s only the 11th. HOW CUTE ARE THESE? I am dying over here. The fingerless version is adorable but I think I want to make the full- fingers pair, because I am a masochist. I have to say, I’m pretty much in love with everything Wattsolak Designs has made so far, actually. I just purchased the Fightin’ Words mitts, too, which are adorable, dead simple colorwork- next up on my needles.

Finally, the best thing of all- I like to save the best things for last. I was always that girl growing up, actually- the weird one, who saved dessert for last, even when my mom wasn’t there to see. I like the waiting, and while I did have a bit of a wait for this, it was oh so worth every second.

Billy, who was my work partner when I lived and worked in Afghanistan, just had his first child this month. He and his partner, Renee, are overjoyed, and all three of them are doing well. That’s about my favorite thing of all summer, honestly. He had a daughter, her name is Elizabeth, and she is perfect. Is there anything better than babies?

I can’t share photos, because they aren’t mine to share, but I’ll give you this, instead- a little music, a song about a father’s love for his newborn child and his child’s mother. The video isn’t a video, really, just a closeup of strange image, something someone made and popped up on the internet, but anything by the Cloud Cult is lovely and doesn’t require a video, anyway. Enjoy, everybody, and welcome to the world, Elizabeth!

  One thought on “a few of my favorite things (I’m back at my lists again, everyone- watch out!)

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