the 34th list of Very Good Things

I’ve slipping, I know. I always have the best of intentions, but intentions don’t make blog posts. I’ve been losing all of my rituals lately; everything gets lost in the shuffle of recent changes, which is no way to live. Without my rituals, I feel somewhat afloat in the world. Those small pockets of time and effort that are just for my own enjoyment help to keep everything else from seeming so overwhelming.

As I write my list of resolutions for 2011, I’m folding the intention to maintain rituals and creative space into my hopes for the new year. I never imagined I’d be someone who needed to schedule time to be quiet, or creative, but wit all the recent changes in our lives, I’m finally there.

In other news, have a list of Very Good Things. You can find my scribbles broken out on Flickr, as always.

How was everyone’s Christmas?

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