the 31st and 32nd lists of Very Good Things

Catching up.

The 31st list of Very Good Things, broken out on Flickr, in case you can’t read my writing.

The 32nd list, too, also on Flickr.

I’m still alive. I’m doing all right, too, most days; the weather has kept under seventy degrees for a few weeks, which means I can finally be out in the world without worrying about getting sick. It is amazing to suddenly be well and free to live the way other people do- outside, without gauging every decision off of the weather and some complicated math involving efficacy of my climate control + stress level + last night’s sleep.

These days I just live the way other people live. I want to do EVERYTHING, just because I finally can, and I’ve been working on that- being social, doing things, making plans. Meeting new people, even. I’ll lose my reputation as a hermit any day now, and then what will I be left with?

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