the twenty- fourth list of Very Good Things

Broken out in Flickr, as ever.

I’ve been absent, terribly so. There’s been so much going on- working with contractors to get the hut in the back yard fixed up, starting a few different sections of the business, school for Kiddo, school for me, training for the half- marathon in November, trying to get our HVAC updated. Agh. Crazyface much? YES. CRAZYFACE VERY VERY MUCH THANK YOU.

But it’s okay.

I’ve also been canning every bit of produce that comes my way, including a large amount of pears liberated by our own Amazing Trinket. No, that isn’t our Liberated Pear Butter above- it’s a raspberry- balsamic jam. Nom, nom nom nom noms.

And we’ve had a bit of a distraction in the studio, too- our recently-liberated-from-a-cast Helper Puppy. (He is not so helpful, to be honest.) Oh, Hugo.

That look, right there, is why we try to avoid looking him in the eye during the work day. Mesmerizing you with his cute- even through the Internet, people- that is some serious power. Now I just need to harness that power for yarn, and regular blog posts, and… well, lots of other things.

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