on today, Friday the 13th

Today was Friday the 13th- aren’t they great? I love Friday the 13ths. (Is that the correct plural?) Outside of it being freakishly lovely outside, and more than a little hectic inside, no major catastrophes. I should probably knock on wood now, but I’m not going to, because I’m a risk-taker and I live life on the edge. ON THE EDGE, I tell you.

Today’s busy- ness (and business, actually) made the day feel like this:

But really, it wasn’t that bad. I worked through lunch and despite a pretty rough push at the end, I managed to get 80% of everything on my list this week accomplished. Hooray for a B week, especially with Gryphon on vacation for half of the week!

Really, today was less piles of papers and more this:

… and also this:

…and can you tell I got a new lens last night? I totally did. I’ve been very dissatisfied with my xTI for a while now, part of which was probably in having a much better primary camera + lens combo, but I wondered if part of it wasn’t also the cheap-o starter lens she’d come with. I’d bought it in Afghanistan, when I didn’t want to risk anything nicer, and I bounced between that and my Leica point and shoot, but even then I almost always preferred the point- and- shoot over the DSLR, which seems silly. I thought about just offloading the camera and moving on to something else, but I thought I’d try stepping up to a different lens first, just in case the problem was crap glass.

Yeah. The problem was totally crap glass. It’s still not as sharp as my primary, but I don’t have to fight with her to make her see light appropriately now, and that’s a blessing. So I apologize in advance if there is a sudden uptick in almost wordless, photo-heavy posts, but I finally have a lightweight, tidy DSLR  I can comfortably bang about on a daily basis, so self- control goes right out the window.

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone.

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