on the color pink

Cosyknits recently wrote a post about her changing views on color that is so appropriate to how I've been thinking, lately. I am coming to view colors differently- I've been watching myself shift from murky deep dusk colors into the bright and clear tones. There is still depth there, but I've been feeling a lot more playful with my color choices lately.

Rolled up sock


(This amazing, thigh- high sample sock was knit out of Skinny Bugga summer colorways by the lovely and talented Katydid Knits.)

This summer is full of surprises for me- some positive, some negative, some just… well, surprising. Looking at all my new colors on the lines, I can't help but wonder exactly what is happening with me, lately; my colors are bright and rich and jewel- toned. There are even a few strong pastels in there- strong enough to almost not qualify as pastels, but so light… well, maybe I need a new word for whatever those are.

They are gorgeous, though. That word fits. They are lovely and they just flash out at  me. They are influenced by the time of year, I'm sure, but even more by the people in my life; a lemon- chartreuse for Pamela, a darkish blue for my sister Megan (like her eyes), a purple- magenta for my aunt Karen. But there is nothing in there to explain the pale pink, or the orange with hot pink flashes; they are just there, lovely and colorful, and I've no idea where they have come from, of why I want to make them. 

It is the pinks that startle me. I've always hated pink; I've seen it as insipid, or obvious, or silly. But I don't, any more: certainly there are pinks that fit that description- Barbie pink, how I hate you- but there's something sweet and sensual in the pinks I've been making lately, delicate and generous.


Pink pink pink


Somehow, I am turning into a girl who loves pinks. Peachy pinks, nude negligee pinks, soft buttery yellows with pink tones, it's in everything. I've dyed a champagne color that I am so in love with, and I have thoughts of dusky grey- pinks, too. 

I have no idea what that means, but while I'm figuring it out, I'll be dyeing silk scarves for myself in every pink I can dream.

  One thought on “on the color pink

  1. June 13, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    I am not a pink person, partially because of my coloring, partially through taste, but I’ve been drawn to it lately, too.
    When I was in art school, my favorite drawing teacher said something about pink that I will try to paraphrase here. She said pink had become almost aggressively feminine in our culture, and that to use it was to make a choice to be feminine. That pink could be seen as retiring, but it couldn’t really be ignored, because the color made such a strong statement, and that you could use that to startle people, enrage them, comfort them, or shake them out of complacency. I didn’t come to love pink when she said this, but I stopped seeing it as a weak color, and I agree with her, that you can use pink to make a statement. I used pink for my Arabella shawl because it seemed like the absolutely right shade.

  2. June 17, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I think your art teacher might have boon on to something, there- there is definitely something about growing more comfortable in my new career in a stereotypically feminine field, and in my growing love of domesticity that seems to dovetail with my sudden shift towards pinks. In really learning that one can be a feminist AND make choices that fit within some old- world stereotypes I’ve come to embrace things that I rejected before, thinking that loving them was weakness. Aprons and pinks and baking and skirts don’t make me any less independent or strong. How funny to think that I’d fallen into that thinking- that one- track, rigid mindset- which is another form of oppression.

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