the twelfth list of Very Good Things


the twelfth list of Very Good Things


Another list of Very Good Things. Broken out in flickr, here.
(Apologies for a cut and paste link- I'm typing from my phone, and I'm not sure if this app accepts HTML.)

For those who haven't heard, Sam is in the hospital again. He's been in Hopkins since Sunday, when he suffered a cerebral vein thrombosis. It is his third- the first two showed up in 2006.
He had been chipping away at those clots for 4 years with a blood thinner called Coumadin, and last month a vascular Neuro gave him a clean bill of health and took him off of the blood thinners. The chance of recurrence in someone of good health with no clotting disorders was virtually nil, he said.

I don't know what the word for someone who has the luck to be that .1% is, but we're it. I think the word is unlucky, actually. Hell.

It is harder today to focus on what is good, although they do tend to stand in stark contrast against everything else right now. Still, it isn't all bad; they doctors and nurses are kind, the prognosis is thus far pretty good, and the outpouring of support and well- wishes has been wonderful.

For those who have asked where to send cards- and thank you, so much, thinking of us- here is the address.

Johns Hopkins Bayview

Samuel Taylor, patient

Neurology critical care unit, 677A

4940 Eastern Ave

Baltimore, MD 21224- 2780


Be well, all. 

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