on Homespun Yarn Party 2010, dyeing and a dash of gratuitious puppy




Homespun Yarn Party was this past Sunday, and it was intense- it sure packs lot into a small show. It's a great show, short as it is, and I loved meeting some of the other vendors- I got to meet the lovely Cosy, of cosySpins, and I brought home a skein of her supersoft orange handspun, Buy Nothing Month be damned. Our neighbor Jenny runs 8th Street Soap Kitchen, and she smelled amazing. Okay, I didn't sniff her, exactly, but I her booth smelled pretty damned good. Remember when I said I'd come back to the espresso- Guinness- dark chocolate soap? That's her, and in case you were wondering- yes, it really is every bit as good as it sounds.

8th street soap kitchen 


In other news, all of my summer test- dyes are coming out in these strangely bright, clear colors- even the dark ones. I tried for something a little more moody yesterday, and I'm not in love with it. I fails to move me at all.  Who the hell am I, again?

I'm at a complete loss. It's like I've replaced myself with someone else, a stranger who wants to wear sunny sweet rich jewel- toned things. I'm not a jewel- toned girl, people. I like murk, and subtlety, and grey- lots and lots of grey; if you saw my clothing you'd never guess I'd made a career in color. Grey makes me happy in ways I can only barely begin to describe.

And what am I dyeing? Berries, sunshine, afternoon skies, baseball fields and sari silks. I can't even let my browns just be brown any more; I tried for a sweet midtoned brown for the Spring colorways and before I knew what I was doing I added all these rosy tones. It's definitely brown, but a ruddy brown, full of caprice, although as though my hands were laughing at me. They are, I know it, especially that right one, but it was never good for much, anyways.

I love the new colors I'm making, which seems significant to me. Unexpected as they sometimes are. I wonder what changed? It must have been me, but why? I'm still waiting to see how our customers react to this movement towards bright and clear that started with the Spring 2010 colors. The true test will be once they have them in their hands. And I'm learning to have faith that they can follow the direction I'm moving in these days- something I talked with Steph about this weekend, and something on my mind in general these days. 

In other, other news- because really, this blog post was already disjointed, why not?-have some puppy.

Hugo sleeping


It's ridiculous, right? Huuuuuuuugoooooooooo.


  One thought on “on Homespun Yarn Party 2010, dyeing and a dash of gratuitious puppy

  1. Bev
    March 26, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    I love what I’ve seen of your new Spring Colors. I plan on raiding the booth at Stitches next month. 🙂

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