things that are good

In the midst of the house madness, we've embarked on our Buy Nothing Month, half as a personal experiment and half as a safeguard in case the home insurance company leaves us hanging. Sam was already attempting to tempt me from the high road on Day 6, telling me that if we didn't get Chick Fil-A waffle fries right that moment that we would regret it on Sunday. When that didn't work, he played dirty and reminded me that after the waffle fries, we could go get Five Guys, but I held on, and I think he's glad I did.

It took one hell of an effort, though. Damn. I swear, they put something addictive and delicious in those waffle fries.

We've set some pretty simple rules: food is okay, if it's for eating at home and isn't self- indulgent snack junk. No eating out or take- out, no going to the movies, no museums that charge an entrance fee, no buying books or waxing or yoga classes. No spur of the moment iTunes song purchases. Pay the bills, obviously, and get gas when we need it, but try to avoid excess driving. Vet trips and medical co- pays are expected and part of regular bills. We both allow ourselves one small indulgence: he has corned beef hash at work on Wednesdays, I get a hoagie at Wawa on Mondays. (That's another place that adds crack to their food, I swear.)

I think that's everything.

It doesn't seem like much- a lot of people live this way all the time- but having that one, $4 luxury a week makes it seem extra- awesome.

And really, there's very little that we miss, oddly enough. Waffle fries, obviously, but my homemade biscuits and gravy this morning was a pretty decent compensation. I'm listening to Ok Go videos instead of buying the new album, and you know, I don't mind at all. Those videos are kick ass.

Other than missing the yoga classes and the waxing, it hasn't really made that much of an impression on me, but ask me again in another 20 days.

In other news, another List Of Good Things.

 Good things


Translation to my chickenscratch over at Flickr, as always. Thinking of making this part of my Monday routine. Thoughts?


  One thought on “things that are good

  1. March 9, 2010 at 11:50 am

    I hope the home insurance company doesn’t leave you hanging. Although I have heard some reports that they will find a way to leave people hanging one way or the other.
    And that crack in the waffle fries, is that the same crack you put in your yarns? And now I want waffle fries!!! I haven’t had any in almost 2 months. I will hold on strong.

  2. March 11, 2010 at 11:48 am

    I like your lists of good things, so I think Good Things Mondays is a fabulous idea.
    The waffle fries getting to you on Sunday is perfect. My husband and I always end up wanting Chick fil-a on Sundays. Doh!

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