In the Easton studio today, and to hell with the snow. (The snow! I love the snow!)

I woke up this morning to Cacie knocking on my door- which seemed rather inevitable, I suppose. I've always known that in working from home I was running the risk of oversleeping and thus waking up to my employees, but I only just got to experience it today. Agh, fail. I'm spending tonight making up for my lost morning knitting/ coffee time.

Instead of a post, behold: the Easton Studio.

Herod, lolling about in large quantities of silk- cashmere yarn:


Steam off the dyepots.




Yarn in the racks…




Elissa beating Gryphon with a skein of yarn…




A pretty typical day, really. 🙂


  One thought on “photoblog

  1. December 22, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Hahaha!!!! I love that picture of the steam!

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