where I was a Flower of the mountain

Molly leaves 

Well, the poll was pretty definitive; fingering- weight sweaters are out. Not that I won't be making them, or possibly even designing them for others, but as of this morning, it's 80% for sport weight, so I've been swatching in Bugga!- which, while listed in Ravelry as a fingering weight is really more of a light sport and seems to me like a happy medium.

I've also begun thinking about color- something rich and red and joyful, which is where the photo comes in; I've got to start planning my half of our winter seasonal colorways, and this seems too perfect, the darker russet-y loveliness of these leaves, spotted while doing errands on Saturday. It seems the best bits of inspiration are always just sitting out in public, shamelessly exposing themselves in the everyday.

The test dyeing will begin in earnest once we're back from SAFF– we leave this Wednesday morning, gulp! I never feel as prepared for a show as I wish I did. Asheville is beautiful, though, and it's such a perfect time to head out there, which makes up for a lot of my last- minute flailing. (Where, oh where are my fancy- dress shoes?!?!?? And my travel kit? And my conditioner? Eeep!)


  One thought on “where I was a Flower of the mountain

  1. October 19, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Yes, please: Sign me up for Bugga in these gorgeous fall colors. I’m a fairly simple person and I would gladly knit up a simple cardi in such a colorway. Wish I could make it to SAFF this year – it sounds like great fun

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