in the studio


Currently on the needles: Baby Belle, by Cosette Cornelius- Bates in my own handspun BFL. I'm already worried there isn't enough, and I'm looking to spin something else to make it in. I just loved how this was turning out, too.


Currently in my studio: these amazing wooden fingers from Turkey, possibly used to card wool. They were sent to me by the lovely akaGracie and I love love love them- they're weird and wonderful and best of all, a completely mystery. Can anyone identify them better for me? How do I use these? Any ideas, thoughts, knowledge? I'll take some pictures of them on my hands tomorrow… when the battery for my new camera body (squeee, squee, SQUEEEEE) is done charging.

Currently on my mind: knitting my kitchen curtains, spinning new yarn for the Baby Belle, what to do with the BFL? Dyeing, coffee, fried green tomatoes, sewing my own clothing, holiday knitting. Eeep. I don't want to think about that for too long. Back to thinking about curtains.

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