in the garden

I've been lax with the blog, certainly, but busy in real life- dreaming about lace patterns, scurrying about to get business regulated (hooray for our demolition permits!), and rhapsodizing over my garden. It did fairly well over our absence- the basil looks a little rough, and the coriander died and dried, which leaves us grindable pods. Which is still pretty okay, and they're very nice to look at. Otherwise, though, the garden is flourishing.


There are loads of tomatoes still waiting to turn red, and cucumbers ready for the eating (we're having some with dinner tonight!), and the summer squash is coming along nicely, too. But it's the peppers that are the real champs- the jalapenos and the thai chilies I planted, expecting absolutely no success. There are so many tiny, perfect little peppers budding!


I'm feeling a bit exhausted- all the Sock Summit madness finally catching up to me, I think- and taking extra good care of myself these next few weeks. Morning runs, good clean food (ugh, the thought of all the fast and truck stop food we ate over that trip makes me feel greasy), 9:30 pm bedtimes. I'm waiting for it to make a difference, but I'm guessing that three or four weeks of stress and abuse don't get fixed in just a few days of careful tending. Oh, well.

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