Sock- a- con

tiny perfect sock, originally uploaded by s.eyre.

(In the interest of full disclosure- that is NOT my perfect, tiny version of The Gardener's Sock. I wish I could remember the name of the knitter who was wearing it at SS- it really is remarkable.)

Sock Summit- or Sockacon, as Sam's been calling it- was amazing. I'm still processing it, but damn. We met so many people- really lovely people, sweet people, supportive people, amazingly talented people, funny kind people. It was a lot of work, and a lot of stress, but it was such a great way to get back into working shows.

We're driving back now, taking a northerly route; yesterday we had lunch in the Gem Theater, in Deadwood (just as touristy as you think it would be) and saw Mt. Rushmore, which is every bit as strange and tacky as it looks in pictures, but was still rather thrilling nonetheless. Tomorrow, I'll be in Jackson Park, in Chicago, which is really the best of the trip for me, I think. I might even slip on that dress and play make- believe for a little bit.

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