goodbye, Baltimore

I felt strangely conflicted when I went to leave this morning; I like my little brown house, and the life we live in it, very much. I went around and said goodbye to all the best bits this morning.

Goodbye, cats. Please be good for Will and Dawn while we're away. Please forgive us for leaving you for a few weeks, too, and don't try to eat our eyes when we return.

Goodbye pants

Goodbye, awesome pink flowers outside of my studio window. I didn't know you were there until we took all the ivy off of you. Please still be blooming when we come back. (Also, please smell better.)

Goodbye flowers

Goodbye, first tomatoes of the summer. I can't wait to come back and eat you.

Goodbye tomatoes

Goodbye, weird wasp- bee bugga. I'm going to find out what you are, already, and possibly give you your very own colorway. Maybe, in exchange, you could stop creeping up on Kiddo and freaking her out? I know you're only interested in the squash flowers, but the squealing, it's killing me. (Any bug experts know what I'm looking at, here? It's about one inch, 1.5 inches long.)


We've been driving all day, and we're only in Toledo! But we're here, and we're settling in for bed. It's not home, but it's comfortable, and air conditioned, and the coffee is free and plentiful. And it's fun! We talk, we listen to music (more accurately: we make fun of each other's music), I knit, he plays PSP, we take goofy pictures at rest stops, we make up stories about the other drivers. As reluctant as I was to leave my little brown house, this is good.


  One thought on “goodbye, Baltimore

  1. kate
    July 31, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    I think that is a cicada killer.
    Have a good trip.

  2. August 1, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    What fun! And how lovely to be traveling with someone whose company you enjoy. I’m living vicariously through you because I would *so* love to be making a cross-country trip to the sock summit.
    As for the cicada killer: definitely a range of colors I’d like to see in a Bugga! sock

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