in which there are sheep

It didn't look too promising this morning.


We went to Maryland Sheep and Wool anyways, and it was lovely.


It was crowded, and more than a little overwhelming, but I was happy to be there.


Despite all the people, I still managed to meet up with a bunch of people- Kate, and my other friend Kate, and Corrine, and Nora, Gryphon and Lia!

Lia mdsw

Poor Lia was tuckered out. Me, too.


I managed to leave Maryland Sheep and Wool this year without having bought anything except gyros, which is shocking. How did that happen? Well, I think it's partly because I don't need anything, and I'm trying not to buy anything I don't need, but really? It's probably because I didn't get to stay too terribly long. The house has been under construction for the last few months, and I'm desperately busy trying to whip it into something resembling shipshape before starting to work again. I have until June to rip out a kitchen, finish out my workspaces, clear out packed goods, do some pretty massive landscaping and clean out scads of drywall dust. (I couldn't be happier. All this organizing and clearing and listmaking!)

Tonight, though, I am spinning BFL from my stash and watching episodes of Dead Like Me with Sam and Kiddo; I've run them ragged already, and I'm barely home. Tomorrow I've promised them at least half a day of rest- a movie, lunch out, and only garden work in the evening.

  One thought on “in which there are sheep

  1. May 2, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    glad you are home and evidently having fun !

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