in which there are four days left

Photo 26

Before anyone points it out- why, yes, I AM still wearing the same shirt. Go ahead and judge me. Go on. It's all right. I'll just crawl back into this, where I've spent most of the last few days.


I sort of live in bed right now, with my books and my iPod and the room service menu. It's wonderful. I drag myself out of bed to shower and cruise the internet, then drift back to bed. I have literally left the hotel room only twice- once to ask the front desk for a power adapter for my laptop, the second time to grab coffee. That was before I found the little card in the nightstand that told me coffee could be delivered to my room gratis at any time. Now, there's really no reason to leave at all.

Right now

Billy and I will head out into the city tomorrow, I think- assuming either of us can be bothered to drag ourselves out of our rooms, which is a little questionable. I'm headed down to the beach this evening, once it's cooled off, just to be near the water and maybe read. But really, this part of the adventure isn't about adventure; it's about recharging and re- setting, about getting ready for all the work and change I have lying ahead once I return to Maryland. That is another post, though, and not nearly complete yet.

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