in which there are still 10 days, and I start letting myself make some serious lists

Every so often a whiff of cigarette smoke will breeze in through my window from the soldiers that live in the huts next door. I am so very glad I quit. How did I live with that stink? Worse- here's an embarrassing thought- how did Sam?

Here's a happier thought: Cthulhu sighting in Afghanistan.

Blogapril 17

I've begun organizing: poking through folders on my laptop, making detailed lists, ordering everything, clearing out old files. I am edging into Getting Ready For Change mode, and I can feel the difference.

Last night I made tea and scrupulously organized the collection of recipes on my hard drive. Despite my habit of only ever using any recipe as inspiration, they are tidied into polite, easy- to- sort- through folders, because I expect to be cooking very, very soon. I do think I'll need to actually follow the directions to make a galette- oh, SmittenKitchen, you're killing me- but really, only for the pastry bits.

I've started clearing out all my old work files, too, which is both distressing and liberating. My professional habit is to store everything in a rigorously organized file system, so I've a lot to get through, but it's pretty exciting to free up that space and to imagine filling it with something a little more interesting than daily status reports.

I'm also looking at how to re- structure this website- to change things from a semi- daily status shout- out to friends and family while I've been living in a war zone  into a way to document this transition from the corporate world into a smaller, more personal life. That's one hell of a switcheroo, and provides me with long stretches of listmaking and ideacharting, two of my favorite ideas- like daydreaming that I can read later.

Then there are all the impractical lists, the lists of things I want to do and in which order I'll do them, and that's just mindless self- indulgence. Those lists go something like this:

To Do In CT:
See sisters
See Chi
See T
Eat Nardelli's
Take pictures
Eat at Al's Hot Dogs!

Look, there is NO WAY I will forget to do any of those things when I go home. THIS IS JUST GRATUITUOUS LISTMAKING. I don't even care. I'm making lists for list- making sake and it makes me happy.

Photo 25

I've also started taking pictures like this one, because it strikes me as the most fun way to countdown to any thing. Stupid Apple giving Photobooth out to just anyone; free reign to embarrass myself all over the internet. Oh, well. as much as I've wished to be a quieter, more sophisticated girl when it really comes down to it I'm just another goofball. At 32, I doubt that's going to change.

Also, Mates Of State's "Get Better" has got to be my Song Of The Week.

(Sorry for the rambling, rather teal deer entry tonight. I'm all gushy and happy.)

  One thought on “in which there are still 10 days, and I start letting myself make some serious lists

  1. April 19, 2009 at 11:01 am

    i am SO stoked that i am on that list.

  2. kate
    April 19, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    I love that your countdown is on two hands!

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