in which there are still 15 days, and the Tuesday Goals Tally

Not so hot this week; I've been happily distracted.  Here's the run- down on goals this week:

    *  More running: Only three runs this last week. These days leave me drained. (Fail!)
    *  Less internet: I give up. (Epic fail.)
    *  More knitting: Noro socks are finished, although not photographed yet. I'm halfway done with one sock (which makes what, 25% of a pair?) that I'm tearing out- STR Heavyweight on size 2 needles does NOT work. (Half- win.)
    *  More packing: Done. There is one box that's waiting for my extra clothes the day or so before I leave.  (SuperWIN!)
    *  More breakfast: I've eaten breakfast three times this week! (Half- win.)
    *  More perspective: Making lists, refocusing, dreaming about days that are mine. Plans, plans, plans. (Win!)
    *  More sleep: I've been going to bed around 9pm. I'm so excited about going home that I'm having trouble falling asleep, and I'm waking up really early (WTF, waking up bright- eyed at 0440 this morning???) all kid- waiting- for- Christmas style, but I'm getting about 8 a night. (Win!)
    *  Watch or return all those borrowed movies– DONE! Now I just need to give them back…. (Win!)
    *  Less cursing: No. Way. With my exit right round the corner I've begun really speaking my mind, which apparently is just FULL of obscenity. Oh, well. At least I'm living honestly. (Fail, but I'm not feeling too badly about it, so THERE.)

Totals: 5 out of 9, if I'm counting half- wins, which this week I am.

  One thought on “in which there are still 15 days, and the Tuesday Goals Tally

  1. mel
    April 17, 2009 at 9:12 am

    I am SURE I must have posted this exact same comment before (so forgive me if I’m repeating myself) I decided @ five years ago that there were way worse things than swears in this life. So if I have to curse when I don’t know how else to express whatever it is I’m feeling, well, fuck it. 😉 I’ll be encouraging of all your other goals though 😉

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