in which there are 25 days and one impulsive sock beginning

I am exhausted, but I'm also in for the night, and that's a lovely feeling. Nothing to do, no obligations: my time is mine. As soon as this is posted I'm closing down the computer and ignoring all extraneous missives from the outside world. I've managed 5 runs this week, although it was close- last night's late- night insomnia run just put me over the mark, or I'd be out there in my sneakers right now. Tonight is mine: tonight I watch movies and knit and I keep to myself. Tonight is for hermit- ing.

I ripped the fiberphile socks- I changed my mind about the pattern I want to use, and I've already shipped that book home, so this afternoon I cast on in Kureyon Sock instead. It's a bit scratchy, and only a simple top- down sock, but I love watching the colors play out. Noro's always been good at that.


I was nervous about how skinny the yarn was- and I'm still not convinced about sock yarn singles- but it does knit up beautifully, and I'm dying to wash the stuff and see how it fills out. Hooray impulse sock! Now I just have to hope I remember how to turn a heel on a top- down sock… it's been forever.

In other news, there is no other news. I wait, I dream, I smile to myself a lot. Soon, soon, soon.

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